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Meet Our Trainers


Meet Sara Smithhart, founder and owner of Brodie Park CrossFit. Soon after her graduation from the University of Mississippi in 2005 Sara found her way to Austin, Texas. Having had a very broad background in many athletic activities, Sara soon was looking to become active again.

Sara plays on the USTA Tennis Team, previous played competitive basketball and soccer, trains for Olympic triathlons, marathons, half marathons, and Muay Thai. Sara soon got attracted to CrossFit Training and the benefits to be had by its new and exciting technique. Couple this with her longstanding desire for helping others achieve their goals; Sara made the decision to become CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certified. She has now gone to the next level by opening the areas newest and most comprehensive CrossFit facility, Brodie Park CrossFit.

She and her staff of qualified professionals eagerly look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Available for 1-on-1 coaching as well as small group training

Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Crossfit Kids Certification
Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor Certification
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certification

Contact Sara at


Want to train with someone who won't listen to any excuses? Then say hello to Joe Flynn.

Having grown up in the Sunshine State, Joe competed in all types of water sports. He also found time to wrestle and play soccer and football, but only when he wasn't surfing or diving. Looking for more than just the normal routine, Joe decided to join the Navy. Expecting, and eagerly anticipating the challenges his new career would bring; he would not be disappointed.

Wanting to contribute in the most beneficial manner, Joe chose to become a Hospital Corpsman. Following his training as a combat medic, Joe was assigned to a Marine detachment and served during the war times.

By the completion of his service, Joe had become very interested in power lifting and kickboxing. He continued his physical conditioning with Muay Thai, trail running, and an interest in the new and exciting training called CrossFit. Joe has become proficient in all kettlebell movements and continues to master the art of Olympic Lifts. Encouraged by his own success, Joe Flynn believes and tries to impart on all his clients, "a no nonsense approach to fitness yields the best results."

Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certification

Contact Joe at


Emily Baker was born and raised in the two towns of Flippin and Gilbert, AR. Emily is a born athlete; she grew up playing basketball, softball, and soccer. Emily is passionate about fitness and the arts, a great combination for the great city of Austin! Emily moved to Austin in 2006 where she quickly joined the fitness community: running 1/2 marathons, and the Austin Full Marathon in 2008. Even though Emily was active she still wasn't satisfied with her body. She was at a dead end until she found Crossfit in July 2009. Crossfit along with nutrition helped her loose 40 lbs and 20% body fat after only 5 months. Since then Crossfit has been a passion for Emily. Emily competed in the Crossfit Open South Central Sectionals March 2010 at Camp Mabry. Crossfit transformed Emily insight out and she is now passionate about helping other transform.

Check out Emily's impressive records:
3rd place at Crossfit Champions October Obliteration 2010
6th place at Dallas Central All Cities Open 2010
12th place at Crossfit Central's Fittest Games 2011
Competitor at South Central Crossfit Regionals(TX, LA, MI) 2011

"I am passionate about the lives of others, movement, human performance, travel, art, film, and Crossfit. I will push you relentlessly to your goals in fitness and wellness, whether you are an athlete training for an event, an actor that needs to shape up for a specific role or just someone who wants to loose a few pounds. Don't wait, the best time to attack them is now. I believe that anything is possible and everyone can get the results they desire through stubborn determintation and genuine dedication. I look forward to working with you!"

Available for 1-on-1 coaching as well as small group training

Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Strongman Certified
Underground Strength Certified
(870) 715-5236

Contact Emily at


Katie has always enjoyed competitive sports and outdoor activities. She is the youngest of five in a very active family. Growing up, she was exposed to a variety of sports and activities which led her to be the well rounded athlete that she is today. She actively trains in wake boarding, cycling, yoga, obstacle challenges and WODs. She is always looking for ways to change up her workouts and enhance her performance. Her first experience with CrossFit tested her to new limits. She was instantly hooked. Becoming CrossFit certified was her new goal in life. After obtaining her Level 1 CrossFit certification, she joined the Brodie Park CrossFit family. The dynamic and intense atmosphere at BPC has kept her pushing her own limits and trying harder than she has before. Katie loves CrossFit and has a passion for showing people that they are capable of pushing themselves more than they ever thought possible.

In addition to indoor classes, Katie teaches bootcamp classes at BPC. Come out and let her love and knowledge of CrossFit push you to where you never thought possible!

Available for 1-on-1 coaching as well as small group training

Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor Certification

Contact Katie at


Erin Martin was born in Stirling, Scotland. She is very patriotic and proud to be a Scot. After moving to the US, Erin attended Westlake High School where she played Varsity tennis all four years. Erin returned to Scotland in 2004 where she continued to play tennis and practice with the Scottish National Team. In 2008, she graduated with honors in Sports Studies and decided to pursue a career in teaching physical education. Erin is now a full time PE teacher and tennis coach at Anderson High School.

Erin's CrossFit training began in 2010. Her passion for CrossFit came about when she became a member of BPC. "CrossFit works for me because I love to compete to get better results. I get to challenge myself with something new everyday and I love that! I come from an extremely competitive background where my whole family is very athletic. I played tennis at a high level for the last 14 years so the CrossFit environment is right up my alley." Since March of 2012, Erin has loved every minute of her training at BPC. This love has led her to get certified in CrossFit and CrossFit Kids. Erin now teaches the teens class at BPC and has even incorporated some CrossFit moves into her PE classes at school.

Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Crossfit Kids Certification